Pregnant Abby De La Rosa Revealed She Gets Along With 'Only One' of Nick Cannon's Other Baby Mamas

Nick Cannon has been claiming the spotlight ahead of his eighth child’s birth, whom he is expecting with model girlfriend Bre Tiesi. Since he has been honest about his insecurities raising so many children, the artist recently made headlines after revealing his vasectomy consultation, too. Now it’s time for Abby De La Rosa — DJ, former girlfriend, and father of Cannon’s twin sons, Zion and Zillon — to speak up about her relationship with Cannon’s other baby mamas as she enters into her third pregnancy.

In a Jun. 8 OnlyFans post, De La Rosa answered a few personal questions, who respectfully pried about whether or not the DJ — who is expecting a baby girl — knows any of the women who also mothered Cannon’s children. “Yes, only one of them,” De La Rosa confirmed in the post. Although she wouldn’t name which baby mama she knew, De La Rosa went into detail about how well she gets along with her — and the fact that they’re actually friends who enjoy one another’s company. “We’ve had so much fun going out to dinners and coffee,” De La Rosa said of the woman. “She’s a beautiful human being and I wish her nothing but the best in this forever journey we’re a part of.”

While De La Rosa may not be familiar with the other women who Cannon has children with, she makes it clear there’s no bad blood. “The rest of the woman I don’t know and never met but I wish them all the best as well,” she said in her OnlyFans post. In addition to the twins he shares with De La Rosa, Cannon shares 10-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe with Mariah Carey, 4-year-old Golden and 16-month-old Powerful Queen with model Brittany Bell, and his late son Zen with model Alyssa Scott, who tragically passed away due to a brain tumor. 

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