Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Are So Excited to Raise a Feminist

The British monarchy has not historically been a hotbed of feminism, but the Duchess of Sussex is doing everything she can to place gender equality front and center. Meghan Markle says she wants to raise her baby as a feminist — and Prince Harry is totally on board. (This is how it’s done, gentleman!) The couple has kept mum on the royal baby’s sex, but one thing we know is that their child will receive a feminist upbringing, whether it’s a boy or a girl.

“I’ve actually been joking in the past few weeks, I had seen this documentary on Netflix about feminism and one of the things they said during pregnancy is, ‘I feel the embryonic kicking of feminism,”’ Markle said during an International Women’s Day panel at King’s College in London. “I loved that, so boy or girl, or whatever it is, we hope that’s the case.”

Prince Harry is a proud feminist himself, and Markle has emphasized the importance of men being advocates for gender equality. “[H]aving men part of that conversation to say there’s nothing threatening about a woman coming up to the same level, it’s our safety in numbers. This is our power and strength as a team,” the Duchess said at the panel. “So I hope that men are part of that conversation. My husband certainly is!” (Swoon.)

Markle’s due date is sometime in April, so the countdown is on until we learn whether or not she and Harry’s little feminist will be a boy or a girl or a gender-nonconforming genius or what. An anonymous source did tell US Weekly that Markle told baby shower guests she’s expecting a boy. And in our current social climate, she’d be faced with a wonderful opportunity to raise a little boy as a feminist — but, of course, first and foremost we’re hoping that Markle’s childbirth goes smoothly and that mother and child are both healthy.

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