Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Take Their Daughters to Mount Rushmore & Things Get a Little Chaotic

When Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are your parents, family vacations are anything but ordinary. You get a fun-filled trip — mixed with some humor, creativity, and maybe an inappropriate joke or two. The Good Place star and Armchair Expert podcast host recently took their daughters Lincoln, 9, and Delta, 7, to see Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota, and it seems like the perfect mix of chaotic and awesome.

“Mount Rushmore 🇺🇸,” Bell captioned a post on Instagram yesterday. The first photo showed her and one of her daughters gazing at Mount Rushmore. They are both wearing sundresses — Bell in burnt orange with a matching purse and her daughter in a bright blue with smiley face emojis — and her daughter is holding a bright pink Barbie car on a string, which she is dragging behind her.

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How could you expect any kid to go on vacation without her favorite toys? And pulling it on a makeshift leash is kind of…genius? Her Barbie dolls get to ride in style, and she doesn’t have to carry around all the toys in hand. It’s creativity at its finest, and we love how it’s just casually in the picture.

Other people loved it too, with one person writing, “The pink car on a leash is very next levellllll.” “The pink car 🙌,” another added.

But the trip was more than just a photo-op. Shepard gave his daughters a history lesson, too, and he couldn’t help but interject a few of his personal opinions.

In a video with Shepard and the couple’s other daughter, he is explaining who the different former presidents were depicting on the monument, and at one point he says, “And Thomas Jefferson, who I don’t like…” This personal take just makes learning about history more fun!

The next picture is a selfie of Bell and Shepard. She smiles at the camera with Mount Rushmore in the background, and Shepard makes a rock ‘n’ roll sign with his hands. He’s wearing a convenience store shirt that says, “If you build it, they will Kum & Go,” which commenters found hilarious.

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“The shirt!!!! I can not. #kum&go,” one person wrote. “Dax’s shirt is the ultimate road trip shirt! 🤘” another wrote.

Bell also shared photos of the crew eating burgers at a restaurant and having ice cream at Dairy Queen. One person asked, “Do people go crazy when you show up at a DQ? I’d be that girl that would awkwardly say hello by singing ‘Do you want to build a blizzard?’”

“Love your ‘normal’ vacay💕,” someone wrote. Even though they are A-lister celebrities, they still just enjoy having fun with their kids on a road trip like many other parents.

They also posted pics from their adventurous time in Idaho earlier this week. We can’t wait to see where this family of four travels next!

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