Jameela Jamil on Stopping Kardashians’ Insta Game: ‘They’re Just 3 Girls’

Jameela Jamil is not afraid to speak her truth — and let the rest of the world in on it too! Ever since the Good Place actress called Khloé Kardashian out for adhering to and glorifying diet culture — first, by calling her diet obsession “sad” in January, then by slamming her for promoting a weight-loss drink in March — the world has been paying more attention to the body-positive activist’s thoughtful crusade and critical opinions.

“I think a lot of people in the public don’t speak out about things that they could well use their platform to speak out with,” Jamil exclusively told Us Weekly in January 2019. “They’re afraid of sticking their neck out because if you do, your head gets chopped off.”

Jameel, who became an #AerieReal role model in 2019, also started the I Weigh movement, an Instagram account that reminds its followers of the value of equality, confidence, self-worth and authenticity with inspirational messages and photos. The star has been open about her own past battles with an eating disorder and feeling mentally ill after trying to live up to Hollywood ideals. Now, she tries to protect teens and young girls from the potentially damaging effects of trying to achieve perfection.

And though the British DJ — who was accidentally called by her character’s sister’s name on The Good Place by E! on the carpet at the 2019 Golden Globes — will publicly slam any star for irresponsible behavior, it’s nothing personal. “All I care about is what [Khloé Kardashian] puts out into the world for young girls,” she clarified for Us in March 2019. “I’m not trying to get anyone canceled, not trying to cancel all celebrities and influencers who do this. I just want them to start being more responsible and to start looking out for the mental health of young people because I was a young person who wasn’t looked out for by celebrities I was looking up to. It really damaged me.”

She continued, “We all have work to do. But there’s not that much pressure, it’s not hard to know: Don’t sell non-FDA-approved products that are powder on the internet and pretend that’s how you got your face and body. Just don’t do it. Don’t lie. Be honest, it’s not that hard.”

Jameela Jamil, we salute your fierce attitude! Scroll through for her best activist moments, social media clapbacks, celebrity slams and more.

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