Hollywood Moms Who Celebrate Their Post-Baby Bodies In the Most Authentic Ways

Hospital classes, how-to books, and well-meaning friends can often help prepare pregnant women for the childbirth experience, but there’s no honest playbook for what comes after: the societal pressure for women’s bodies to “bounce back” to their original form after a baby is born. As if it’s magic!

Being pregnant is freakin’ hard, as your body goes through changes, big and small (growing breasts and stomach, morning sickness, and mood swings, to name a few lovely side effects) over the course of nine months. And after you welcome your little one, postpartum healing can include vaginal scarring, tearing, or stretching, along with residual water retention or weight gain, and even enlarged feet, thinning hair, or widened hips (all while dealing with sleepless nights and everything else that happens with a new baby). Some of these physical changes are temporary while others are more permanent. And believe us, it’s all beautiful!

What’s even more beautiful: When women, especially famous folks, celebrate their postpartum bodies in all their diversity.  So we’re calling out Hollywood moms like Drew Barrymore, Ashley Graham, Jennifer Garner, and more, who have all shared their empowering perspectives about embracing and loving their bodies after having children.

It’s so refreshing to hear these moms — who society tells us we should mimic in so many ways — speak out so honestly and authentically about such a universal experience. Read on to hear what these leading ladies say about postpartum body image, then apply their timeless wisdom to your own life.


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