Hollywood Moms Who Are Proud Of Their C-Section Scars

Most mothers have scars — some invisible, others more obvious — from the challenging and exciting journey into parenthood. Whether you have stretch marks, a lingering baby bump, or emotional wounds (pregnancy and childbirth are intense!), know that you are not alone. And you shouldn’t be ashamed of any of it.

In fact, many celebrity moms feel damn good about their bodies and what they’ve accomplished, particularly when it comes to their C-section scars. Take Alyssa Milano, who called hers “incredibly tribal” or Amy Schumer who showed hers off in a nude selfie. Other women, like Jessie James Decker have revealed their scars as proof that new moms are healing and need to rest during the postpartum period.

These celebrity moms are just one portion of the many women who have delivered their babies via Cesarean. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 31.7 percent of all U.S. deliveries are by C-section, and the World Health Organization found that C-section rates are rising globally, now accounting for 21 percent of all child births worldwide.

All deliveries are beautiful and birth should be celebrated, no matter what that experience looks like. That’s why we are so excited to see celebrity moms talking about the emotional and physical strength required to undergo a C-section and making peace with their scars instead of covering them up or feeling ashamed. After all, they represent a miracle and each one is beautiful!

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