Here’s What You Need To Know About Transitional Style

Design and style can be hard to grasp, especially because they’re constantly in flux. Style trends come and go like seasons, but some styles are also timeless. You can style a coffee table, you can follow Japandi design, and you can find design trends and ideas online, such as on TikTok. Designs can even be switched up after something traumatic like a pandemic to keep your mental health afloat. But what if you don’t want to stick to one specific design or trend, and what if you want your home to remain in flux just as trends are?

This is where traditional style comes into play. According to HGTV, transitional style is defined as combining “​​traditional and modern sensibilities to create spaces that will always feel contemporary.” By utilizing this design method, your home — or any space you choose to decorate — will be welcoming, elegant, and perfect for you and visitors alike because it will never feel outdated.

Transitional style will keep your space fresh forever

Creating a transitional style-inspired space is actually easier than you may think. “In a transitional space, furniture silhouettes offer straightforward sophistication,” HGTV explained on the style. This means that multiple styles are combined to create something timeless. For example, they specifically cite that sharp edges and right angles are used in combination with rounded surfaces to create a dynamic space. This also allows you to get creative with your patterns, fabrics, and decorations, as there aren’t too many rules.

Remember, though, transitional style is “textured, not cluttered,” according to Apartment Therapy, and transitional style typically warrants neutral tones for its timeless aesthetic, though you could add pops of color. The overall focus, though, is the comfort of those living in the space. Balance in these spaces is ultimately achieved by “layering metals and glass with natural materials such as wood and rattan.”

With simple rules like this, you really can’t go wrong, and if you invest in this now, your space will be timeless, well, forever!

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