Gayle King Shares Throwback Photo of Grandson Luca's First Thanksgiving In 'Paradise'

Kids get to go the most exciting places sometimes, and they have no idea how lucky they are! In a photo dump shared on Instagram today, Gayle King posted super cute throwback photos of her grandson, Luca’s, first Thanksgiving in “paradise.”

In the caption, King wrote, “Throw back Thursday fav grandson FIRST Thanksgiving.. Luca had no clue he was in paradise @rwmayakoba but we sure did!”

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The picture shows the CBS Mornings co-host with her daughter, Kirby Bumpus, and her grandson, Luca Lynn Miller, who was born in Sept. 2021. The baby is her favorite — and only — grandchild.

In the post, King added, “Luca clearly , family favorite w/ mom @kirbybump, dad Virgil and uncle @willgb3 !”. She also shared their new Thanksgiving tradition. “New family tradition homemade TURKEY hats write three things you’re grateful for & share at the dinner table,” she wrote, “my sister Lynnie’s idea who teaches first grade and brought supplies!”

The pictures in the slides show the family having a great time at Thanksgiving, featuring the cutest snaps of Luca. The last one even shows him in a bathing suit (with a gorgeous beach background!) wearing the tiniest little sunglasses.

King also added a post to her Instagram Story, “my first post there !” of the  family on the beach. She wrote, “This is us,” adding that she “meant to include on Instagram post as last pix !”.


Even if Luca doesn’t know he’s in paradise, he definitely knows he’s a lucky baby to be surrounded by a grandmother and other family members who love and spoil him! He’s just so content and happy in every picture!

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