Gabrielle Union's Newest Video of Daughter Kaavia, 3, Mocking Her Is The Silliest Thing You'll See Today

The time has come once again: Gabrielle Union has posted another adorable video of her and Kaavia being the silly Queens they are.

Union posted an adorable video of her and Kaavia with the caption, “She is me and I am her… wishin a sucka would.” She also captioned the video itself, “Deadddddd” with some laughing, crying emojis.

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In the video or “Bideo” as Kaavia called it (be right back while we sob over that), we see Union bob her head, with Kaavia mimicking her exact motions, and Union doing the same at one point. When Union gets jokingly exasperated, Kaavia says “No, see the bideo!” and points to the camera. This, of course, leads to not only Union laughing, but all of her fans cackling along with her.

Many of Union’s friends were quick to comment how much they loved the video, including Alicia Keys commenting “Love this!” Along with that, fans are calling Kaavia an “icon” for proudly wearing her shirt both inside out and backward.

Kaavia is just so darn cute and we’ve been loving the updates Union never fails to post about.

In Nov. 2018, Union and her husband Dwyane Wade welcomed Kaavia into the world via surrogate. Union has been very open about her experiences and feelings with deciding on a surrogate and her distaste for the term “stepparent.” She also mothers Wade’s three children from previous relationships: Zaire, 19, Zaya, 14, and Xavier, 8. In an interview with We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle podcast, she said “Understand that you are never gonna be their parent, but you can be a consistent, loving, compassionate adult in their life that they can always count on. And you need to be the sanctuary in the storm.”

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