Father's Day Gifts for Dads Who Smash the Patriarchy

I have a complicated relationship with Father’s Day, as I do with most Hallmark holidays. The notion of recognizing a specific person on a specific day is, to me, off-putting at best — and difficult. Even for those of us who are lucky enough to have a father and/or partner with whom we want to celebrate, Father’s Day can elicit a wide range of emotions — from nostalgia to grief to longing. Oh, and it perpetuates heteronormative relationships and capitalist culture, so there’s that. But if there’s one type of dad I’m never shy about celebrating (and gifting) it’s the feminist dad. The dad who understands that feminism asks for nothing more or less than equal fundamental rights for all genders. The dad who isn’t threatened by strong women but is inspired by them. The dad who is intentional about raising kids in ways that empower all people and that challenge tired stereotypes. Hell yeah I’ll buy a gift for that dad.

So if you know a feminist father, read on. Our top picks for feminist Father’s Day gifts would make Rosie the Riveter proud.

A version of this article was originally published in May 2018.

Feminist Shirt Set

What better way to celebrate the feminist father in your life than with this sweet shirt set? Seriously. Enlightenment never looked so good.

“My Dad Is a Feminist” shirt set, $24.99 at Etsy

Feminist Mug

Bold, brazen and to-the-point, this mug will let the Pops in your life make a statement.

“This Is What a Feminist Looks Like” mug, $20.95 at Etsy

Donation in Honor of Dad to the Lower East Side Girls Club

Is there any better way to show your true understanding of feminism than to donate to a nonprofit whose mission is to smash ceilings and create new possibilities for girls and women? Make a Father’s Day donation in honor of Dad to the Lower East Side Girls Club. The club is working to break the cycle of poverty by bringing a world of opportunities free of cost to girls who need help the most.

Dads for Daughters Dating Shirt

Feminist fathers are sure to love this shirt because real men raise strong women.

“Dads for Daughters Dating” shirt, $27.55 at Everday Girl Dad

Little Feminist Puzzle

Dad will enjoy introducing the whole family to badass revolutionaries while putting together this 500-piece puzzle from Mudpuppy with his kids or grandkids.

Little Feminist puzzle, $13.99 at Mudpuppy

‘Feminism Is for Everybody’ Book

Empower Dad’s feminist zeal with the ultimate coffee table primer, Feminism Is for Everybody by Bell Hooks. Because woke dads love increasing their knowledge on how to end sexism, sexual exploitation and oppression.

Feminism Is for Everybody, $27 at Amazon

‘Feminist & Proud’ Pin

He’ll look amazing in this "Feminist & Proud" pin from Punky Pins. Buy him one for his backpack, jacket and laptop case while you're at it.

"Feminist & Proud" pin, £7 (a little over $9 USD) at Punky Pins

Tres Lindas Cubanas Cigars

Cigars from a women-owned cigar shop? Yes, please. Help close the gender pay gap one puff at a time by gifting the La Mulata Habano Torpedo five-pack.

Assorted cigar blends, $35 at Tres Lindas Cubanas

Coffee Beans From Northwest Coffee Roasting Company

Repeat after us: Intersectional feminism is where it's at. And intersectional feminists support minority-owned businesses. So feed Dad’s love of coffee (and need for caffeine) with a bag of artisan beans from Northwest Coffee Roasting Company, a Black-owned coffee shop with a mission to unify communities while providing stellar beans.

Sumatra beans, $17.15 at Northwest Coffee Company

Handmade Apron

A cooking man’s place is in the kitchen, right? Show him how much you support his culinary prowess by stepping up his wardrobe with this char twill classic apron from Hedley & Bennett.

Char classic apron, $79 at Hedley & Bennett

Children’s Book Bundle

Is Dad tired of reading the same old books to his kids? Spice up the playlist with three recommendations from children’s literature specialist Written & Bound. These reads challenge gender binaries, emphasize the special bond between father and child, encourage individual expression and help dads, grandpas and father figures teach kids that boys and girls can do or be whatever they want. This bundle includes Julián Is a Mermaid by Jessica Love, Pink Is for Boys by Robb Pearlman and Eda Kaban and Made for Me by Zack Bush and Gregorio De Lauretis. The whole family will be enlightened and empowered.

Julian Is a Mermaid, $10.33 at Amazon Pink Is for Boys, $16.19 at Amazon Made for Me, $14.53 at Amazon

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