Brittany Mahomes' Daughter Sterling Shares One of Her Dad's Most Famous Obsessions … & It Isn't Football

Patrick Mahomes may be one of the NFL’s greatest quarterbacks, but he’s nearly just as famous for a non-football-related passion of his, and it involves a certain tomato-flavored condiment. As genetics or pure coincidence would have it, it turns out his soon-to-be 2-year-old daughter, Sterling, shares his undying obsession — like daddy, like daughter!

“I’m not saying it’s my fault but my daughter loves ketchup 🤣🤣🤣,” the dad of two tweeted, tagging his wife, Brittany Mahomes. Fans responded with hilarious memes — one of the Kansas City Chief photoshopped to be catching a bottle of Heinz during a football game and another of the quarterback guzzling a bottle of ketchup on the sidelines in place of his water bottle.

Others expressed their love for Patrick as a dad, writing, “I love seeing 15 tweet about the little things that make being a dad exciting. 🤙.” Another fan simply tweeted, “😂 Genetics, man,” with a fellow bird app user hilariously replying, “It’s hereditary. Plus, the red sauce is addictive.”

The football player’s obsession with ketchup came to light in a 2018 ESPN profile that mentioned he loves the condiment so much, friends and family would often gift him bottles for his birthday. Much to Gordon Ramsay’s displeasure, Mahomes even pairs the condiment with steak.

In fact, during a video for GQ Sports in which he answered fans’ questions on several social media platforms, the Super Bowl champion shared, “I had steak last night and I put ketchup on it — it was like a ribeye, like expensive steak, and then it made it even better [when] I threw a little bit of ketchup on the side.”

Patrick’s status as a ketchup fanatic is so well known that it even prompted several ketchup-themed commercials, including one with State Farm in which he simply sits at a restaurant table with “Jake” and Aaron Rogers, dousing his steak in a thick layer of the condiment as Jake and Rogers chat about insurance policies.

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The NFL player’s affinity for the tomato-flavored sauce even prompted Heinz to offer him a lifetime supply, with the brand tweeting, “Hey @patrickmahomes5, you give us 57 touchdowns, we’ll give you Heinz on your steak for life” — but not before the Chiefs player could sign a deal with rival brand, Hunt’s.

With Sterling’s popularity on her parents’ social media accounts and her newly announced obsession with ketchup, we can only hope to see the tiny tot alongside her dad in any upcoming ads about their beloved sauce of choice.

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