Brie & Nikki Bella Plan to Give Birth on Film, Despite COVID-19

Okay, so Brie and Nikki Bella, our favorite neck-and-neck preggo twins racing towards the finish line of their respective, concurrent pregnancies, pretty much post a belly photo every few days. They post their naked bellies, their belly-dancing bellies, their matching-outfits-and-donating-to-a-good-cause bellies, and more. And why shouldn’t they? They’re pregnant and famous, and they’re doing their part to normalize and celebrate pregnant bodies, every step of the way. And, apparently, that includes the birth process.

This week, both Bellas announced their plans to film their childbirth experiences — that is, if the hospitals allow them to.

“I still want to film the experience. That’s the plan as of now,” Nikki told Entertainment Tonight. “I really want Brie in there with me, and I’m hoping we can bring a Total Bellas producer so Brie and Artem can be in the moment with me and not worry about filming.”

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We hate to break it to her, but that’s not necessarily going to be possible given various state and hospital regulations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic; many birthing parents are only allowed one support person (a partner, doula, or, hey, a producer!) to be present during their hospital birth.

And Nikki knows this, acknowledging to ET that she plans to “follow state-by-state rules,” whatever they may be at the time she gives birth. But she reiterated that, if at all possible, she wants “our Total Bellas producer in there filming and have my sister and Artem by my side [to] introduce our baby to the world.”

Brie is right there with her sister plan-wise, telling ET she, too, wants to “film the whole experience” of her birth. And if they’re not allowed, by the hospital or the state, to have their producers in the delivery room?

“I’ll have the doctor film it on the iPhone,” Brie told the publication.

Well, that’s one way around it. At least she’s not planning on diverting to a last-minute pandemic home birth (please, dear Bellas, do not try that at home).

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