Bindi Irwin's Video of Grace Warrior Shows She Finds This Part of Motherhood the 'Most Incredible Blessing'

2021 was the year of incredible highs and lows, but one thing we could always look forward to was another Grace Warrior update from proud mama Bindi Irwin. This time, she decided to end the year on a high note with an adorable video of Grace, talking about how watching her grow has been the best blessing.

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On Dec 31, Bindi posted a heartwarming — and honestly tear-jerking — video of one of our favorite celebrity babies: Grace Warrior. But this wasn’t your typical video because it was a compilation of Grace throughout 2021, growing and laughing through everything.

Bindi posted the touching video with the caption, “Watching you grow this year has been the most incredible blessing. I love you. Forever.”

The video showed clips of Grace looking up at her father Chandler Powell, smiling at the camera in adorable outfits, playing with their pug, and cuddling up with her mama Bindi.

And we’re glad she posted the caption, because it’s true, watching our kiddos grow up is truly a blessing, even though we sometimes wish we could stop the clock every once in a while.

Papa bear Powell quickly commented on the post, saying, “My favorite part of life.”

And if your heart hasn’t exploded already from the cuteness, Powell posted two photos of the happy family to his own page with the caption, “The greatest gift of this year. Grace Warrior Irwin Powell.”

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Commenters found the posts as adorable as we did, with one person commenting, “The cutest part of 2021!” and another saying, “Omg she’s so cute and already clearly bindis twin!”

It’s crazy to think that Grace is only nine months old and that her birthday is going to be in three months. Side note, can you imagine how cool that birthday party is going to be? Anyway, did you know that Grace’s birthday is literally Bindi’s and Chandler’s wedding anniversary?

It’s true, almost five minutes apart from when the lovebirds exchanged vows, Grace was born the following year on March 25, 2021. And honestly, we really can’t wait for that compilation video.

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