Bindi Irwin's Daughter Grace Warrior Struggles to Use a Remote Control In Cute New Video

Parents of little ones know that almost every moment during that first year feels like a milestone, with even the smallest steps as precious as the big ones. Bindi Irwin is no stranger to that excitement, recently sharing a video of her daughter Grace Warrior discovering the joys of a remote control.

Ever since welcoming Grace back in March on the exact date of their one-year wedding anniversary, Irwin and her husband, Chandler Powell, have shared just about every sweet moment with fans on social media. And even though she’s not even one year old, baby Grace trying to figure out what the heck to do with a remote control is literally all of us trying to navigate any sort of new technology that gets placed in our laps.

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“Mood. Grace, I love you SO much,” the proud mama captioned the adorable Instagram clip, in which her daughter can be seen curiously looking at the remote control in her hands as she loudly blows raspberries. “You trying to figure out how to whack it?” says Irwin.

Frustrated, Grace then hits the remote control before throwing it in front of her, then attempts to kick it with her little crossed feet. When she pushes it away, her dad hands it back to her. “Sorry, daddy,” quips Irwin. “Sorry it’s so hard to figure out. It’s got a lot of buttons, hey.”

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Grace continues playing with the device, flipping it around and hitting buttons as she blows raspberries. “Yeah, just push things until something happens,” jokes Irwin in the video.

Of course, people in the comments section of the post were loving it. “Relatable. I too feel that way when i cant decide what to watch on Netflix,” wrote one person. “Give her a couple of years and she’ll be working the electronics better than the adults can!” wrote another, adding, “Love the little raspberry noises! She is absolutely adorable, Bindi. What a beautiful little girl.” And someone joked, “Me when I can’t navigate the channel button on the remote.”

One commenter summed it up perfectly, writing, “Babies and remotes! Why!?! But they LOVE ‘em!!” We’re sure she’ll have it down pat in no time, but until then, we’re loving seeing her try.

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