Amy Duggar King Speaks Out About Her C-Section: "There Will Be Negative Comments"

It’s a boy for former 19 Kids and Counting star Amy Duggar King and her husband Dillon King. The first-time parents welcomed Daxton Ryan King via a scheduled C-section on Wednesday, King revealed on Instagram. After her sisters’ varied experiences with home births, King chose to follow her doctor’s advice and schedule the surgery; her doctor advised that there would be an 85 percent chance she’d need an emergency C-section if she didn’t schedule one.

King explained her choice further in an Instagram post this week, saying that she’s “sure there will be negative comments” about her decision to forgo a home birth or even a vaginal birth, “but I have to do what’s right for my body and what’s healthy for my son.” And there’s no arguing with that.

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Brb.. we're gonna go be parents now!! Surprise!! Our little Daxton will be here today!! With my small frame and the fact that the Dr. Said theres an 85% chance I'd have an emergency situation. We went ahead and scheduled a cesarean to be on the safe side. I'm sure there will be negative comments. But I have to do what's right for my body and what's healthy for my son. I've been mentally and spiritually preparing myself for this I'm trying to relax, and not worry! But I've never had surgery before, I've never even stayed in a hospital before, so I'm just a ball of nerves…soo I'd appreciate your prayers!!! But in just a few hours our lives will be forever changed! I'm focused on God's promises and that sweet little face!! Ok, daddy let's do this!!!

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Here’s to more women proudly shouting out the healthy, individual choices they’re making for themselves and their babies — regardless of any potential “negative comments.” And it looks like King’s fans have been hugely supportive, despite her fears: King received over 63,000 likes and over 3,200 comments on that post, and while she was fearful of backlash, most of those comments were congratulatory. Messages such as “You did what was best for your baby, and that’s what will make you a great mom!” and “Congrats! Good choice to be safe for you and him!” flooded her post.

While King didn’t share whether there were additional reasons for her doctor’s concerns, her small frame and Daxton’s size (he was born at 7 pounds, 8 ounces) are reason enough for concern. According to The Cleveland Clinic, the medical condition cephalopelvic disproportion, known as CPD, occurs when “the baby’s head or body is too large to pass safely through the mother’s pelvis, or the mother’s pelvis is too small to deliver a normal-sized baby.”


There are several other reasons a C-section may be safer than a vaginal delivery, according to The Mayo Clinic. For example, birthing parents in labor who aren’t progressing, those who are carrying multiples, and/or those who have had a previous C-section may all need the surgery. Other reasons can include the baby being in an abnormal position (breech), a problem with the placenta or umbilical cord, an obstruction or the baby being in distress.

And either way, let us remind y’all: A mom’s decision for how she wishes to give birth is up to her, and only her. As for King, Daxton was born safely and he and his mom are both healthy. Yesterday, King posted a post-surgery picture to her Instagram account. In it, the new mom is resting in a hospital bed covered in a blanket that read “God gave us you,” and holding baby Daxton, while she and Dillon look lovingly at each other. “He’s absolute perfection!!!” She wrote.

We wish King a speedy recovery — and hey, luckily, she’s got a big family to lean on as she begins her motherhood journey.

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