After I Had a Baby, I Couldn't Recognize Myself

“This is not normal. I am not OK,” I sobbed into the phone in that heaving, full-body-cry kind of a way. My best friend, Mer, had called to check on me the day after I came home from the hospital with my daughter. An obstetrician, she had delivered my daughter herself a few days earlier.

1. I went to therapy.

2. I found new ways to enjoy old hobbies.

3. I cultivated new hobbies, too.

4. I invested in community.

5. I went back to work… and I crushed it.

I was nervous and emotional about going back to work (who isn’t?). Getting settled into working-mom life was a transition, just like becoming a mother had been five months prior. Like so many women I know, I went back to work just when I was really getting the hang of this whole mom thing.

Three weeks after I returned to work, I led a meeting, presenting to a room full of 25 people. Standing in front of the room to unveil a new initiative, I truly felt like “me” again. The initiative launched and was a smashing success. Kicking butt, taking names and changing diapers didn’t just make me feel like my old self — it made me feel like the best version of my new self.

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