8 must-take pictures on your baby’s first day

Here are some pictures that you must click on your baby's first day for you to go back to them later to relive the special moments.

Your much-awaited moment has arrived after nine months and nothing can be more special than looking at your baby and holding him or her for the first time. On this occasion, here are some pictures that you must click for you to go revisit the special moments.

1. With an older sibling

Your older child must be overwhelmed on seeing his or her little brother or sister. The first meeting between siblings would be precious which you must capture. Your children will love to look back when they grow older.

2. With mother and father

This, of course, is a customary picture that most parents love to click, with the child resting calmly in the mother’s arms.

3. With grandparents

The grandparents must be elated to meet their grandchild for the first time. Capture a glimpse of their happiness when they carry the baby.

4. Feet

Capture a picture of your baby’s tiny feet before they grow.

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5. Face

Nothing can be more precious than your baby’s cute little innocent face. So, don’t forget to click pictures of their facial expressions.

6. Sleeping baby

Looking at your baby sleeping calmly is as serene as it can get. So, when you later have trouble putting your child to sleep, these pictures will surely bring a smile on your face.

7. Mother holding the baby for the first time

Capture the moment when the mother sees the baby for the first time and the baby curls into her arms.

8. Grasping a finger

Words cannot adequately describe the feeling when the baby grasps your finger for the first time and holds it tightly. This is a photo you will cherish forever.

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