6 birthday gifts for your teen boy or girl

Here are some special birthday gifts for your child who is turning a teenager this year. Pick from these according to your child's likes and dislikes.

Your child is turning a teenager and it is a quite a special milestone. On his or her birthday, here are some interesting and useful gifts you can pick for your teen, which they will surely enjoy.

1. Camera

If your teen likes to take pictures, a camera would be a great gift for your kid. Encourage them to click pictures of their favourite things and moments and make her own scrapbook. An instant Polaroid camera is a good way to collect memories, which can even be pinned up on the wall later.

2. Board games

Find out your child’s favourite board game and gift it on his or her birthday. To encourage your child, take out some time from your busy schedule to play the game with him or her.

3. Smart watch

One way of encouraging your child to remain fit is by gifting the teen a Fitbit smart watch, which can monitor heart rate, sleep, physical activity and so on.

4. Cookbook

Cooking is an essential life skill. A good way to get your kid to develop interest in cooking is by gifting a junior cookbook with easy recipes that your child can follow.

When your child doesn’t want a birthday party

5. Drawing book

If your child loves to draw, what could be a better gift than this? Choose the right type of drawing book–one that interests your child the most–like one on shading and texture, landscape, anatomy, and so on.

6. Children’s book

Your child is growing up and this is the right time to introduce him or her to good children’s books with more serious and important themes like that of climate change, gender and so on.

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