Zika Virus: Two infections in France

Within a short period of time, the European health authority, ECDC has confirmed two cases of Transmission of Zika virus in France. The experts suggest that the infection has taken place through the bites of mosquitoes, which are found on-site.

The two persons were not put to the ECDC, according to a Zika area, and also no sexual contact to travellers in these regions. Both of the diseases were occurred in August, in a short time interval in the southern French town of Hyères. Both patients are now recovering. Will now go on to examine whether there have not been more cases.

According to the authority’s knowledge of mosquitoes, it is the Europe’s first documented transmission of the Zika Virus living here Asian tiger. This species is widespread in southern Europe. In most cases, the infection is inconspicuous. Fever, headache, and skin redness can be symptoms. Serious consequences can occur, among other things, when women infect early in the pregnancy with Zika. In the case of infants it can lead to so-called Microcephaly, a brain and Skull malformation. From 2015, thousands of such malformations occurred in Brazil, as it the epidemic came to a Zika-(aponet.de reported).

In Germany, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) sees little risk of Infection. The Asian tiger mosquito does not come in this country only in some regions of southern Germany, other mosquito species in Germany would be as a Carrier in question. All cases of Zika in Germany related to the RKI information so far, travellers, apart from a single well-known case of sexual Transmission in 2016.

In France, the conditions for tiger deteriorate mosquitoes with the case temperatures at the beginning of the ends of autumn. Further Transfers would, for the time being unlikely, according to the ECDC. The risk for the population, for Pregnant women and their unborn children, and am considered to be low.


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