Zero Co Wants To Launch The World’s First Single-Use Plastic Free Shampoo And Conditioner

You don’t need to have read the latest news or have seen a Netflix documentary to know that the future of our planet is in danger. Ok, an alarming sentence to read we know, but to frequent your local park or beach is to see the evidence first-hand. There in the water and buried in the sand: straws, bottles, plastic bags and other litter, discarded with no afterthought as to where it might land up and who it might affect. Thankfully, the good people at Zero Co are taking it upon themselves to find a solution and their latest product idea could just see the company release the world’s first single-use plastic free shampoo, conditioner, roll-on deodorant and body lotion. Now, they’re asking for your help. 

If you haven’t heard about Zero Co, it’s time to change that. At a time where consumer demand is driving companies to adopt more sustainable and ethical practices, this Bryon-based startup is already leading the charge when it comes to environmentally-conscious products. Looking to solve the global plastic problem – which, it should be said, is no easy feat – Zero Co create planet-friendly personal care and home cleaning products. From body wash through to laundry liquids, these plant-based formulas are packaged in beautiful ‘forever bottles’, made from recycled plastics collected from beach clean ups Zero Co funds across Australia. Simply take a cursory scroll through the company’s Instagram page and you’ll see the camaraderie that comes from these clean ups, with the team getting their hands dirty on the beaches all for the benefit of our future, and the health of our planet.

If you’re wondering why you should care, the statistics on waste and single-use plastic is alarming (to put it mildly). Despite the fact that Australia is known for its picturesque beaches and coastlines, the waste crisis remains an issue that demands urgent attention. According to WWF, Australians use 130kg of plastic per person each year on average. Less than 12 per cent of that is recycled, with up to 130,000 tonnes of plastic finding its way into our waterways and into the ocean. Once in the ocean, these plastics have a negative impact on marine wildlife, threatening species and the entire ecosystem. Studies have already shown that it’s begun to enter the food chain and end up on our plates. 

The good work Zero Co is doing can’t be underestimated, but their latest product idea is certainly one worth celebrating. The launch of what could be the world’s first single-use plastic free shampoo, conditioner, roll-on deodorant and body lotion will continue their zero-waste, closed loop system to better the planet. But to get production in motion, they need 5,000 pre-orders for their beautiful ‘body box’ which includes all four products in Zero Co’s zero-waste, refillable packaging. They’ve even teamed up with Dr. Kate Forbes, the ex-Global Head of Product at Aesop to develop the SUP-free body range with an industry leading, planet-friendly ingredients list that is free from SLS, silicones, paragons, and EDTA. Put simply: this will be a world first for the body-care industry.

As Zero Co founder, Mike Smith, says, “We know that Australians are willing to invest in more sustainable options from our success as Australia’s most funded kickstarter of 2019. We’ve been lucky enough to build this business through the power of community from the beginning.” Smith added, “We have shared every part of the Zero Co journey with our customers from day one – the wins and the losses. Our community has been passionately part of our journey right from the beginning and have been instrumental in helping us grow this business from the ground up.”

“I truly believe these new products will shake the industry on plastic standards and barriers for innovation, so I’m hoping we can get enough pre-orders to begin this next chapter for Zero Co and start implementing changes that our planet desperately needs. They smell bloody good too!”

So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to say “NUP” to “SUP.” To help join in on the mission and untrash the planet, you can pre-order a Zero Co Body Box today at the website here. 

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