You Can Get a Stack of Pancakes at IHOP Today For Just 58 Cents

Pancakes are one of the greatest foods of all time, but making them at home can leave something to be desired. Like, is there a reason why most pancake recipes make enough to feed a 10 person family? By the time you finally finish ladling batter into your skillet, the pancakes are cold and you’re usually full from eating “test” pancakes anyway. That’s why the best way to quell a pancake craving is to head to restaurant. And if you’re going to do that, you might as well head to IHOP, where you can get a short stack of pancakes today for just 58 cents.

That’s because it’s the chain’s 61st birthday. They first opened their doors in 1958, and to celebrate they’re giving out short stacks (that’s three pancakes) for 58 cents between 7 am and 7pm on Tuesday, July 16th. It’s a return to their old prices, and apparently they’re going to be bringing back the vintage slang too – according to a Facebook event created by the company, “It’s gonna be the bees’ knees.” Um, okay, Dad.

You will have to put on pants and actually drag yourself to the restaurant to take advantage of the deal, as it isn’t eligible for takeout or delivery orders. But honestly, what’s a better excuse for having breakfast for dinner than 58 cent pancakes devoured at 6:59 pm? You could potentially make a day of traveling to different IHOPs in your area, gorging on short stacks for breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack time, and dinner, and end up spending more on gas money than you do on pancakes. That’s what we call a deal, folks.*

You’ll need to stick to the chain’s classic buttermilk pancakes if you want to take advantage of the deal, but the arsenal of table-side syrups are fair game. No complaints here — the best pancakes are the kind someone else makes for you.

*Traveling all day in a dizzying quest for extreme pancake intake is probably not actually recommended so proceed at your own risk, dedicated pancake fans.

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