World vaccine leaderboards: How willing are people to take the jab? Brits lead the way

UK secure CureVac deal to develop new coronavirus vaccines

Health workers have swept the UK since December, delivering millions of vaccines per day. Each jab, which they provide roughly every 15 seconds, brings the country one step closer to leaving lockdown and returning to “normal”. But vaccinators can only deliver these results as long as uptake remains high.

How willing are people to take the Covid jab?

Scientists, health workers and the Government have all come forward to promote vaccination.

Famous figures have promoted them as a safe and effective way of ensuring vulnerable people stay healthy and avoid the severe infection.

With two doses of the available candidates, people have 90 percent or more protection from the disease.

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However, disinformation and anti-vaccination campaigns have flared during the pandemic, discouraging some people.

Some have claimed scientists finished the vaccines too quickly, when, in fact, the funds concentrated on developing them allowed scientists to complete candidates with thorough testing.

Other people have focussed on conspiracy theories with no base in reality.

But it appears anti-vaccination campaigns have not fazed Brits, who have emerged as predominantly pro-vaccine.

According to YouGov, most people in the UK want to take the jab.

As of January 29, a total of 83 percent of people said they would take the Covid jab.

The country came first of 26, with Vietnam and Spain in second and third place.

Of all the countries polled, Poland came last with just 28 percent of people willing to take the jab.

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The countries ranked as follows:

  • UK: 83 percent
  • Vietnam: 82 percent
  • Denmark: 80 percent
  • Spain: 72 percent
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE): 73 percent
  • Italy: 70 percent
  • Thailand, Finland: 69 percent
  • Sweden, Mexico: 68 percent
  • Canada: 66 percent
  • India, Australia: 64 percent
  • Singapore, Germany, China: 61 percent
  • Malaysia: 60 percent
  • USA: 53 percent
  • Saudi Arabia: 51 percent
  • France, Philippines: 45 percent
  • Taiwan: 43 percent
  • Hong Kong: 36 percent
  • Poland: 28 percent

Graphs supplied by YouGov show a surge in support for vaccination over the last few months.

For example, the US started with just 42 percent of people willing to take the jab in July last year.

France was bottom of the chart in December 2020, with 24 percent of people willing to take the jab.

The UK’s rates stayed consistently high but fell to their lowest in November last year when just 62 percent of people said they would take the vaccine.

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