Woman's finger swelled and turned black after getting a salon manicure

A woman nearly lost her finger after a salon manicure went wrong.

The woman, whose name hasn’t been shared, went to a salon in Tuggerah, Australia that she had been to before with no issue.

After getting infills done, the woman noticed that her finger tip was painful and swollen. The next day she took herself to A&E, where she was sent home with antibiotics and a referral for the fracture clinic.

The next day the woman took her antibiotics, but noticed the swelling and pain was getting worse. The day after, the swelling had spread.

When she went to the hospital, the woman was told she had such a severe infection that she would need surgery to cut it away.

By this point her finger had turned black.

‘By Friday morning the pressure of the infection had gotten so much that the finger had literally popped and the ooze was leaking all over the place,’ wrote the woman on Facebook.

Thankfully surgery went well and the infection was cleared, but the woman shared her story on Facebook to raise awareness of the risks of salon manicures.

She believes that the infection was a result of technicians using tools without sterilising them between clients, and warns people to always check that the tools used to trim their cuticles are fresh from the package or have been sterilised right before use.

‘The whole purpose of this post is to warn others what can happen after getting their nails done at nail salons,’ she wrote. ‘Looking back I don’t recall their hygiene practices being overly great.

‘The tools are taken with each nail technician from client to client, with no evidence of sterilisation in between clients.

‘I hadn’t really worried about it thinking nothing bad would ever happen….until now!!!’

The woman isn’t the first person to face serious infection thanks to dirty manicure tools.

Earlier this year Brittany Guyatt, from Swindon, claims she was cut by a ‘rough’ technician while getting acrylic nails fitted.

What started as a bruise developed into a blood blister then grew rapidly. Soon Brittany was in unbearable pain.

The growth extended off her finger by more than a centimetre and ‘filled with smelly pus’.

When the growth, called a granuloma, turned black, Brittany was told she needed surgery or would face losing part of her finger.

Let this be a lesson to us all to take caution when going to a salon for any treatment. Read reviews carefully, take hygiene practices and ratings seriously, and keep a close eye on any tools to ensure they’re being sterilised and cleaned before use.

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