With short meditations stress eating avoid

Enjoyment-CoachingWith short meditations stress eating avoid

LEVEL of KNOWLEDGE has developed a nine-week pleasure Coaching you can learn to eat for pleasure and to keep your weight. This is the second part. The other parts can you find in the following weeks.

Meditation and relaxation exercises not only help in Stress and hustle and bustle, but also to eat in a more conscious. Who wants to hold his weight and at the same time, with the enjoyment of eating, it can help very simple meditation exercises in everyday life to integrate. This has two reasons: Stress and tension are triggers for careless eat, to eat a lot of food, and in Between. A cheerful mood leads quasi-automatically to eat less as a means of stress management.

On the other, meditation can help – and mindfulness exercises, and their own feelings and body sensations to be able to more clearly and thus better observe and assess the exercise as you feel while eating and after. Because the Power is not, according to the food psychologists Michael, for many people, not so easy.

This week you get two different breathing and meditation exercises to the Hand. You read both Exercises, and consider which of the two appeals to you more. Then try this Exercise this week, at least, three days, morning and evening, for three minutes. Now, however, you choose a from:

  • Exercise one: Just breathe
    You sit on a chair in an upright posture and place the feet deliberately on the ground. Then close your eyes and pay attention just to your breath. You don’t change this, but try to focus your concentration on the breath. Many people find it easier if you focus on the exhalation. If the mind wanders from the Breathing, or emotions show up, register the possible to rate without it, and try to focus again on the breath. Return the thoughts and feelings, provide them with a kind of Umbrella term, for example “Ensure the useless Art”, “hot hunger” or “fear” and concentrate again on the Breathing. After three minutes, you open your eyes and stop for a short Meditation.
  • Exercise two: Short-focus
    You sit in front of an object, for example, a burning candle, or a picture. You now focus only on this image or the candle flame. Breathe in and out and return with your concentration on the object. If thoughts and feelings arise, register it and return again and again to the object. Don’t be too strict with yourself, if you can. It is normal for thoughts to wander. After three minutes, end the Meditation.

The two Exercises describe the basic techniques of Meditation that lead to that people find easy to pay attention to themselves and their own sensations and to control the concentration. Who wants to eat more consciously and with more enjoyment, you can use these abilities to good use. It helps, therefore, if you keep one of these Exercises – as well as the self – observation-about the eight weeks and continue.

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