Want a smarter brain? Try doing one or more of these things

The key is to break away from the tedium and try building new memories every day.

All work and no play makes the brain dull; as does repetition. And since you are highly dependent on this organ, you need to ensure you arm it with tools that make it sharper. Every now and then, break away from the ordinary so that your brain gets to react and respond to something new. Experts believe that by giving the brain new experiences, you stimulate the nerve cells, which in turn, can help prevent memory loss. Here are a few unusual things that you can try.

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Brush your teeth

When you wake up in the morning, try to brush your teeth using your non-dominant hand. For instance, if you are a right-handed person, brush using your left hand. Apply the toothpaste on the brush using the non-dominant hand, too. Research has proven that when you use the other side of the brain, you cause parts of the cortex — that control tactile information from the hand — to expand substantially.

Take a shower

When you step into the shower, make full use of your tactile senses. As such, keep your eyes closed and use your hands to reach the parts of the body that you do not normally see. This causes a rapid exchange of messages with the brain.

Change your morning routine

Instead of doing things on an auto-pilot mode, shuffle your daily activities and make a few changes. By doing this, you increase the levels of brain activity; instead of a daily lull that it is otherwise used to.

Roll down the car window

If you are taking a car to work, roll down the window and look outside. Put all your senses to use. Trying understanding and identifying new smells and sounds. This way, you lead the hippocampus to process and build new memories.

Eat unusual foods

Be experimental. Instead to sticking to the regular, try eating something new every now and then. The key is to put the senses to use, and smell and taste play an incredible role in evoking different feelings and associations in the brain. Choose an unfamiliar cuisine and let it work its magic.

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Socialize more

Social interactions have the power to boost the brain. It has been repeatedly proven that isolation can severely affect the cognitive abilities of a person. Every day, try to interact as much with another person.

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