Vital supplement is ‘more relevant’ to older Britons over 65 – ‘even more important’

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Nutritionist Dale Pinnock, known as The Medicinal Chef, is a Sunday Times bestseller and star of ITV’s Eat Shop Save & This Morning.

He made an warning about supplements to the over 65s.

Dale explained how getting enough Vitamin D is essential for older Britons and can reduce the risk of a host of health issues.

Dale told “Vitamin D is as relevant to older people as it is to younger people, maybe slightly more, for the simple reason that older people – particularly this time of the year – don’t get a great deal of time outside.

“So, there’s even less UV exposure. There’s even less weight bearing on the bones, these kinds of things.

“Then, Vitamin D becomes incredibly important, especially for people who are 65 plus.

“That’s when it really does start to become even more important.”

Dale impressed the importance of a healthy diet for the elderly, as it will help defend against various age-related health conditions.

“It’s the same message but I think there does need to be more emphasis on a healthier diet the older you get, because it’s it’s such a foundation for every aspect of health.”

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What are the benefits of Vitamin D?

Vitamin regulates calcium and phosphate, so it helps the teeth, bones and muscles.

As people get older there is even more need for Vitamin D in the body.

It helps to boost bone health, muscle strength and immunity – all issues effecting over 65s most.

It’s recommended to take a Vitamin D supplement daily in the winter for those with paler complexions, and daily for those with dark complexions.

Vitamin D foods

Of course, you can supplement your diet with Vitamin D rich foods too.

Vitamin D is only found in a handful of foods, and many of them will not be appropriate for certain diets including vegans and vegetarians.

Foods naturally full of Vitamin D are:

  • Red meat
  • Liver
  • Egg yolks
  • Oily fish

Another health specialist detailed the best vitamins to boost your energy levels. 

Rosie Millen is a nutritionist and author behind Burnout’s A B*tch!: A 6-week recipe and lifestyle plan to reset your energy.

She recommended an important food to add to your diet to boost energy levels.

Rosie said: “Choose from carrots, squash, pumpkin, beetroot, and sweet potato.

“They are all packed with fibre and B vitamins to give you energy plus the added benefit of vitamin C to support your immune system.”

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