Vinny From 'Jersey Shore' Can't Get Enough of This 'Amazing' Keto Snack

You don’t have to be a Jersey Shore fan to have noticed that Vinny Guadagnino has undergone a serious body transformation. While the endearingly awkward member of the Shore family—who are back on MTV—was once the softer guys on the show, he’s now lean and muscular. In addition to exercise, he credits much of the change to his keto diet.

Vinny even started an Instagram account to track his “keto guido” lifestyle and offer advice to keto beginners. The idea of the keto diet is to get the majority of your daily calories from high-fat foods like bacon—one of Vinny’s faves—and to consume very carbohydrates. Eventually, your body will start burning fat, instead of carbs, for fuel—a phase known as ketosis.

While it may seem difficult to remove pasta, cereal, and the like from your diet, Vinny makes it look tasty with the snacks he posts on Instagram. The star is, after all, from an Italian family in Staten Island and a host of a food show. The man likes to eat.

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Here are some of Vinny Guadagnino’s tasty-looking keto snacks:

He still finds a way to indulge in antipasti with a plate of sliced meat, olives, and bits of cheese:

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#ketoguido snack time

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He’s also been known to pick the cheese off some pizza.

I can’t sit here and watch @VINNYGUADAGNINO disrespect this pizza. #JSFamilyVacation

He’s also not shy about digging into some Buffalo Wild Wings on Sunday.

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For today’s #sundayfunday I’m eating some wangs. And I don’t feel guilty since I recently found out that @bwwings (not sure if all locations ) fry their wings in beef shortening which contrary to popular belief is MUCH HEALTHIER for you than hydrogenated vegetable oils -the real killer-(which 99% of food is made and cooked with .) _ I urge you all to do your own research about oils, oxidation, smoke points, trans fats , etc…but the #ketoguido cliff notes is this : the vegetable oils which are in most of our standard American food’s ingredients (which no one ever seems to worry about ) turn rancid when cooked at a high temperature and create extremely unhealthy effects in your body whereas animal fats and other saturated fats (i.e. lard, butter, tallow, coconut oil etc…) when heated remain stable and do not cause ill effects . _ Our backwards dietary guidelines actually put policies in place that make restaurants cook in deadly poisonous vegetable oils and demonize cooking with stable saturated fat . ??‍♂️ – This isn’t by mistake people .. #bigpharma and #bigvegetableoil (lol) are the ones that fund the research studies that demonize saturated fat and put policies in place that fit their agenda . (Canola oil makes money from people using their product, that product gets people sick , and then pharmaceutical companies cash in on people needing medicine ) This shit runs so deep… but anyway, do your own research and shoutout to @bwwings for not cooking with poisonous oil ?? _ (PS I should stop talking before #bigvegetableoil tries to wack me )

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He does an occasional keto cookie from Fat Snax.

He can even do beef tartare, sans toast.

There’s that bacon again. These slabs come from Butcher Box:

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??? … You guys know that I love my uncured sugar free bacon that I get from @butcher_box every month . Well it’s your lucky day because when you click the link in my bio to order your box of grassfed, heritage breed , antibiotic free , HEALTHY meat , they are going to give you FREE BACON FOR LIFE , in your box… free bacon for life is the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard. _ I’ll say it again … I dislike factory farming. I want animals to be treated humanely . If I don’t eat grains , i don’t want the animals that i eat to eat grains . I live in city without local farms around me, so @butcher_box is key for me. In my opinion it’s also a very affordable way of getting quality meat because you’re buying it in bulk and not being ripped off by a local store. Not to mention if you stock your freezer with this meat and then just by organic veggies as your sides and cut out all of the garbage that we fill our cabinets with , you would probably save money on food over all. If you’re interested in a box they’re giving my followers free bacon for life. LINK IN BIO #ketoguido #ketodiet #keto

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But his favorite keto snack is definitely his smoked salmon rolls. He turns the smoked fish into a wrap filled with cream cheese and arugula, then dipped in black truffle oil for an extra kick of fat and umami flavor. He touts that for as rich as it is, the dish is about 220 calories, the same as a tall Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino without whipped cream.

“If I simply went by calories I would not feel good during the day. With this food I’m able to keep my hunger calm and provide stable energy and in effect things like intermittent fasting come easy. Choose your food wisely #ketoguido,” Vinny wrote.

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#KetoGuido #Snacktime . Cream cheese arugula smoked salmon rolls dipped in black truffle oil …. _ This meal is about 220 calories. A tall Vanilla Frappuccino from Starbucks is also 220 calories (no whip) . The calories from the Keto snack are delicious ,will make you feel full, satiated and provide stable energy , the calories from the frap will cause an insulin spike/ crash and will make you feel hungry soon after , your energy will crash ,probably give you a headache, and it has no nutritional value …this is why Keto works for ME. If I simply went by calories I would not feel good during the day . With this food I’m able to keep my hunger calm and provide stable energy and in effect things like intermittent fasting come easy. Choose your food wisely #ketoguido _ PS :all served on a paper plate ?

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He’s shown off the salmon rolls multiple times, much like the photos of his slimmed-down body:

“Holy shit these tasted amazing,” he said one time. And, well, they do look pretty delicious.

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