Vegetarians beware: man eating only Tofu – and Doctors will find 420 kidney stones

After a two-hour OP, the whole bowl was filled with stones: In China, Doctors have removed a man 420 kidney stones. Are you sure that these immensely high number has something to do with his diet. Because the man ate every day Tofu.

Hey Dong was a passionate Tofu-eaters. Regularly ate the Chinese large quantities of the meat-Alternative. One day, plagued pain the 55-year-old hellish abdomen. He went to the doctor – it was high time.

Even the surgeon was shocked

Doctors had to remove the man 420 of kidney stones, as the Chinese news portal, “People’s Daily” reported. Hey Dong, could have hesitated for a doctor’s visit even longer, had even have to be a kidney removed.

“I’ve seen in my life, never before have so many stones,” said the shocked surgeon, led the SURGERY by the news portal. For two hours the Operation lasted. 45 minutes passed, alone, to get rid of all the stones.

Tofu was to blame

At the end of a whole bowl was filled with stones. Some yellow, some green. Some big, some small. But what caused such a high number of kidney stones?

The treating physician is certain that It was the excessive Tofu consumption.

Tofu promotes kidney stones

Because Tofu has a very high proportion of Calcium. Who take too much of the soy-bean dough-based foods, the risk of kidney stones, explains the physician. Especially if you even a little to drink – as in the case of He Dong.

Should the man from the East China Region, the appetite for Tofu Zhejiang have passed after this incident, not already, he will need to his diet now changing, and less often for meat-Alternative attack.

A lot of water helps drink

Who likes to eat, and often Tofu, so at least, also a sufficient amount of liquid. One tip to take probably vegetarians and Vegans in this country, the heart should be.