Vaccine calculator: When will you get the vaccine

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Covid-19 cases have exploded across the UK now, with tens of thousands of daily infections and hundreds of associated deaths. The Prime Minister has plunged the country back into aa new lockdown while vaccination programmes continue, with one million people immunised so far. But the process has slowed down recently, allowing other countries to take over in proportion of people covered by immunity.

When will you get the vaccine?

Ministers have co-opted a clear-cut vaccine allocation system, covering the elderly first and moving through the layers of society by age, vulnerability and occupation.

As such, the elderly, clinically vulnerable and frontline workers make up most of those who have received the Pfizer or AstraZeneca jabs so far.

Those outside of the allotted age ranges will have to wait much longer before they receive theirs, and there is a handy tool people can use to find their place in line.

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One user on the site Omnicalculator has designed a calculating tool which assigns people a place in a theoretical queue.

Steven Wooding created the “Vaccine Queue Calculator for the UK”, which should shed some light on how long people will have to wait for a vaccine.

All people need to do is enter some personal information, and the tool will calculate roughly where their spot is.

While this will give people a rough idea of where their place falls, it doesn’t provide a timeline.

People will have to input the following personal information:

  • Age
  • Whether they are a care home resident or worker
  • Whether they are pregnant
  • Whether they work in healthcare
  • Whether they work as an unpaid carer
  • Whether or not they had to shield during the lockdown, or if they qualified as “extremely vulnerable”
  • If they have one of several underlying health conditions

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The calculator works out a rough vaccine queue range, with elderly and vulnerable people naturally closer to the front.

For example, an 82-year-old care home resident who has had to shield and has underlying health conditions has between zero and 482,474 people in front of them.

Someone who falls into the young and healthy population will have much longer to wait.

A 31-year-old non-care home or healthcare worker without vulnerabilities has anywhere between 26,749,905 and 37,544,493 in front of them.

Younger people working in care will have a slightly shorter wait time.

A 24-year-old care home worker falls into the same queue range as the 82-year-old.

Neither health nor Government officials have given the calculator their approval, with no research into whether it is accurate.

So people should take any position they fall into with a grain of salt, as the vaccine rollout speed will likely fluctuate with time.

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