Type 2 diabetes: The surprising cooking oil that could help long-term blood sugar control

Diabetes expert reveals rise of cases in children during pandemic

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While this data is promising, more will need to be collected to confirm the efficacy of sesame oil.

In the meantime, there are some generic guidelines provided by the NHS that can be followed.

The national health provider recommends eating a wide range of foods including “starchy foods” such as pasta.

Furthermore, other guidance includes minimising sugar, fat and salt intake.

Skipping meals is also not advised.

What is advised is keeping active and managing lifestyle habits.

Exercising at least two and a half hours a week and reducing alcohol intake alongside not smoking will all help manage the condition.

Physical exercise helps lower blood sugar levels while the ingestion of smoke and alcohol in any capacity will negatively impact overall health.

The NHS also advises that “eating a low calorie diet [for] around 12 weeks can help with symptoms of type 2 diabetes”.

In some cases those with type 2 diabetes have gone into remission as a result of dietary changes.

However a low-calorie diet is not safe for all.

Examples such as the Newcastle Diet should only be undertaken under medical supervision.

When it comes to the general picture of diabetes in the UK type 2 diabetes is the common variant.

Just like almost every other condition, there are symptoms that can indicate if it is present.

Such as an increasing need to urinate during the night.

A type 2 diabetic can also experience a constant need to rehydrate and feel fatigued.

Losing weight without trying is another common symptom to look out for.

So too is persistent vaginal or penile itching or experiencing repeated episodes of thrush.

If cuts or wounds are taking longer to heal or one is experiencing episodes of blurred vision, consider getting tested for type 2 diabetes.

If diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, there is little to worry about as it is more and more common condition with plenty of treatments, support groups and charities.

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