Tuberculosis: number of the Diseased is not

To defeat tuberculosis, much remains to be done. The Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) has, on the occasion of world tuberculosis day on 24. March. The number of cases in Germany to 2018 will be similar to that in 2017. With an annual decline of 10 percent would be required to eliminate tuberculosis by 2050.

»In tuberculosis control, additional efforts are also in Germany notwendig«, Professor Dr. Lothar Wieler, President of RKI, says in a press release from the Institute. The RKI 2018, a total of 5.429 cases were sent, in 2017, it was 5.486, 2016, the number of reported cases 5.949. A major Problem is that Sufferers are often not diagnosed until late, although in Germany, modern diagnostic techniques, effective medications, and a good monitoring system were available.

Of Central importance in the tuberculosis control powerful health offices, in the context of tuberculosis patients infected or to identify ill persons and to prevent the spread of the disease. The RKI points out that in the case of symptoms such as a long-standing cough, night sweats, fever and weight loss of tuberculosis should be considered.

On the international Agenda tuberculosis is above far and was in the autumn of 2018 is the first topic in the General Assembly of the United Nations. There, a Declaration was adopted with the aim to accelerate the global fight for the Elimination of one of the oldest diseases known to mankind.


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