This Rumored McDonald's Menu Change Could Make or Break Your Summer Plans

When McDonald’s brought international items, including BBQ McShaker fries, the stroopwafel McFlurry, a Hong Kong-based spicy chicken sandwich and a Spanish bacon burger, to Florida in September, we nearly booked a non-stop flight there. The good news is, now we don’t have to as it’s reported McDonald’s will add four of its most popular international menu items to American menus nationwide.

According to Business Insider, the menu is expected to change in early June with the addition of two items tested in Florida last fall, the Grand McExtreme bacon burger from Spain and the stroopwafel McFlurry from the Netherlands, as well as the tomato-mozzarella chicken sandwich from Canada and Australia’s cheesy bacon fries.

The information was pulled from internal documents shared with the publication, and when Business Insider reached out for a comment, well, McDonald’s didn’t have one, simply responding, “No comment.”

These rumored additions follow news of McDonald’s plan to drop its premium sandwiches, the Signature Crafted Recipes, including pico guacamole, sweet BBQ bacon and maple bacon dijon, in June. They were added to the menu back in May 2017, but they’ll effectively disappear because they simply weren’t selling well, according to USA Today. Plus, the fast food chain’s move to introduce fresh, non-frozen meat last March has been well-received.

“Based on (customer) feedback, we’ll move away from the Signature Crafted Recipes line on our national menu,” McDonald’s says on its website. “Our fresh new Quarter Pounder lineup brings customers more of the craveable, customizable and delicious tastes they love.”

This is great news for McDonald’s fans who have been dying to try these world-famous international items and heartbreaking news for everyone who swore off fast food for the entire summer. Hate to break it to ya healthy eaters, but these sound just too good to miss out on so you’re gonna have to toss your diet plans out the window.

Now, if only we can get vegan burgers added to the menu

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