This New Twist on the Burpee Will Get You Fitter, Faster

You might think if you’ve done one excruciating burpee workout, you’ve done them all, but there are more than likely a few variations you’ve yet to try. Guys will never stop chasing that elusive goal of being super-fit and cut—so trainers won’t ever stop innovating new ways for you to get there.

Men’s Health Fitness Director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S., is one of those trainers. He has a long list of burpee styles in his repertoire, some of which he shares in the Men’s Health New Rules of Muscle program. You’ll get workouts filled with new variations on old standards, which will help you to build even more muscle.


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Check out the video above for a demonstration of the special New Rules burpee that Samuel uses in the program to shock your system for more muscle growth. Then, read his explainer to learn why you’ll want to add this exercise to your routine.

Eb says:

Want to master the basic burpee before moving onto the New Rules version? Are you looking for even more options to try? Check out this video guide:

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