This Is How Pro Surfer Kelia Moniz Eats And Trains Each Day

What does a pro surfer’s day look like? Just ask two-time world champion Kelia Moniz. The Hawaiian longboarder (who rides the waves in a way that Steph Gilmore once described as “the most beautiful ballet you could ever see”) is all about working out, beach time and cook-ups with her family.

Roxy ambassador Kelia joins friend Hailey Bieber to front the swim brand’s new Sister collection (available from March 20). Totally fitting, since the 26-year-old is known to family and on the surf scene as ‘Sister’, thanks to the fact she has four brothers but also her chilled, positive vibe.

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Here, Kelia reveals what fuels her training, the coffee addition you have to try and the fit kit she always travels with.

6.30am: I’ve never been a morning person but lately I’ve been trying to start my day off early to make the most of it. And it’s been wonderful. I always start with coffee (I add Laird coconut-based creamer – if you haven’t tried this, you must!) then have scrambled eggs, with some type of vegetable mixed in there. 

8am: To the gym. When I’m home in Hawaii, my workouts go for about 2.5 hours. I train at Tactical Strength & Conditioning, which focuses on sport-specific training. There are loads of athletes in there training for their sport, and it’s so inspiring to watch and see people progress in their individual lanes. 

When I’m travelling? Staying active helps my mental wellbeing hugely. I bring resistance bands that allow me to keep up a strong core, legs and upper body. If I’m not surfing every day, I make sure to at least work out.

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12pm: After my gym workout, I usually drive by the beach to check the waves, then go home and have a protein smoothie. If the waves are good? I pack my car and go for a surf. Then for lunch, I usually indulge in some type of fish dish – mostly poke, a Hawaiian marinaded tuna. 

3pm: I usually go home and chill. My life is very dependent on how the waves are so, when it’s good, I’m surfing all day. If it’s not, I usually go and play with my nieces.

6pm: Big family BBQs happen at my house between four and six nights a week. No joke! Here in Hawaii, rice is a staple starch – we eat pretty healthily and love vegies in my house. There’s always a salad and a protein, with chicken and salmon as fan faves. I love baked salmon with olive oil, Spike seasoning, salt, pepper, honey and a little lemon. My favourite dessert recently is coconut yogurt with blueberries and hemp seeds. 

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9pm: I’m loading the dishwasher, calling it a night and falling asleep watching The Last Alaskans

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