This $14 Sports Bra Has Thousands of 5-Star Ratings on Amazon

When we heard through the grapevine how the Fittin Racerback was deemed the most comfortable and supportive sports bra, our ears perked up. Priced at $14 and with nearly 4,000 5-star Amazon reviews, we were skeptical.

But believe the hype. This inexpensive racerback is the unicorn of sports bras—soft, cuddly, and almost too good to be true. Unlike unicorns however, they actually exist. And while they may not be covered in rainbow glitter, they are cloud soft and will keep your girls strapped in for whatever wild ride you might take them on.

Leave Your Snobbery at the Door

Buying clothes online can be risky, but the Fittin Racerback deserves its own movie—copyright: The Sisterhood of The Traveling Sports Bra—because this might just be the magical bra for everyone.

To be honest, when I got this bra to test, I was less than stoked—and maybe a little salty that I got “Amazon Brand” in lieu of Lululemon. But my fog of disdain lifted instantly when my hands met the fabric. It is. So. Freaking. Soft. While snug, the fit is not suffocating, and I felt comfortable and secure on my runs. The straps sit comfortably, and don’t cut in too close—an area where I tend to chafe from my arm swing.

Fittin Into Your Budget

For a price less than half a tank of gas or a box of Franzia, I thought that even if this bra was comfortable standing still, it couldn’t possibly perform well in a workout or long run. Once again, to my surprise, I loved it.

After running 5 miles at a fast clip, I was definitely sweating, but I didn’t have that swampy feeling that can happen with a lot of cheap bras. Instead, it was light, breathable, and pulled the sweat away from my body. I was also happy to find that it didn’t show the sweaty underboob triangle indicative of a hard workout.

I love you, you’re perfect, now change your pads.

Ok so I do have one major complaint. The pads are FUNKY. They are thick, weirdly round, and kind of styrofoam-y. I was not the only one to have an issue with them: “The removable pads were kind of awkward. One was folded over the first time I put it on and it looked freaky. I can also see them getting lost in the laundry,” said RW test editor Amanda Furrer.

The great thing about the pads, however, is that they’re removable. So if you want, you can rip those suckers right out.

It should also be noted that this bra is far from haute couture. In the midst of NYFW, it may be comfortable enough to wear beneath your athleisure-inspired designer top, but not cute enough to parade down the runway.

You can buy this bra in bulk and still save money.

While this bra may not be stopping traffic, it will keep you secure, comfortable, and dry through your toughest runs. The Fittin Racerback proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a quality product—you can buy a set of four for $28—and reinstates the fact that running really is for everyone.

Even if you can afford to spend $80 on a luxury brand, converting to the Fittin bra will get you through your toughest workouts—and leave enough money for brunch.

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