The Sexy ‘CrossFit Priest’ Is Here to Save Your Swole

There are plenty of social media accounts out there that can help motivate us in our workouts, from movie star The Rock to bodybuilder Calum von Moger — but the latest person to attract an online following with his workout videos is a man of the cloth.

Oskar Arngården, a Lutheran priest within the Church of Sweden, who has the handle @crossfitpriest on Instagram, has said that he started the account to share his love of training, but also to talk about spirituality. He often uses the captions of his posts to share Bible verses, or insights and messages intended to inspire.

And while he might be used to standing in front of large groups of people on the pulpit, he’s received a heck of a lot more attention of late, since his Instagram account started to gain traction and his CrossFit workout videos and selfies began to be shared all over the world. Some commenters have named him the heir apparent to Andrew Scott’s Sexy Priest from season two of Fleabag, while others have compared him to Thor star Chris Hemsworth, due to his Nordic good looks and muscular physique.

Oskar doesn’t see any conflict between the mix of content he shares online, as he believes his fitness and his spiritual life exist together. “Sometimes I get questions about how I manage time between training and religion, and if my training doesn’t take time from more important stuff,” he wrote in a recent post. “But in some way I believe my training gives me more time for religion. It gives me endurance and strength to study more and to give more in my work as a priest. I think it is a mistake to make them opponents. Instead let them complement and contribute to each other.”

“We are both spiritual and bodily as human beings. Like for anyone else who trains for good health – it gives us not just positive result in training but also in our ordinary life. And thats a biological fact… So, my best tip if you want to have more energy for bible reading (or if their is anything else you want more energy for)… Try some training.”

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