The saddle damages when Cycling the prostate?

Can make Cycling impotent? The prostate is suffering?

Can a long bike ride to affect on a saddle, the prostate or even damage? Many men are familiar with the phenomenon that there is a pain between the legs after a long Drive with the wheel. Not a few fear, therefore, that the prostate gland could be affected, or the wire of a donkey cannot cause testicular cancer. We asked a renowned urologist.

Almost every German uses the Bicycle. Many men know the Problem, that after long trips, and the genitals fall asleep. Such temporary numbness is not of damage but of manhood, the Uro GmbH, North-Rhine, an Association of practicing urologists.

Numbness between the legs to Bicycle

“This numbness after a long Ride on hard saddles arise due to a trapped pelvic nerve,” explains urologist Dr. Reinhold Schaefer of the Uro-GmbH in North Rhine. “Ignore the tingling, it feels paralyzed.” A real Problem this is not, however, because these symptoms usually disappear after the nerve was again relieved. Also who already have problems with the prostate gland plague, can safely pedal. At least then, if you follow a few rules. For men, sprung saddles are recommended generally in the genital area soft. In addition, in the case of longer trips, and breaks, during Cycling heat disappears in the pelvic area.

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Also prefer to stay in lower gears to reduce the pressure between the genitals and the saddle. The best time to buy a wide leather saddle, rubbing of the bottom with leather grease and a night in the oven at 50°C is heated. The still-warm saddle to the bike mount, and at least 20 km. Then the saddle has adopted the ideal body shape of the driver and you never have problems again.

No correlation between Cycling and testicular cancer

There is a connection between Cycling and testicular cancer? “No, not at all. Cycling definitely has nothing to do with testicular cancer. However, the example shows Ivan Basso: cyclists have a higher probability of an existing testicular cancer strikes first prevails of falling and injury.“ Otherwise, the connection between Cycling and the disease is rather the other way around: physical activity is a so-called protective factor, which protects against cancer.

Also the persistent rumour that Cycling causes impotence. Urologists disagree but also this is an often-expressed assumption. Even those who ride a lot and long, and thus carries no harm.

Sometimes recommended by urologists to abandon their patients, but also briefly on the Cycling. This is the rule, with an upcoming Blood test for the determination of the PSA value, an important Parameter for the early detection of prostate diseases. The PSA level in the blood rises in the short term through the Cycling and distorts the result. “Cycling is one of the healthiest sports and exercises virtually all the muscle groups,” says Dr. Schaefer. “It’s not impotent.” (sb, pm)