The pharmacist is advised to get flu vaccination

The months of October and November are the ideal time for a flu vaccination. Pharmacists want to help as many people as possible to educate and inform with posters, stickers and in a personal conversation about the benefits of vaccination.

"We appeal to all the citizens that as many people as possible against the flu should be vaccinated. Because it is not protected with a vaccination, only themselves. By the so-called herd protection, each Individual contributes to the fact that overall, fewer people with the flu erkranken", Fritz Becker, President of the national pharmacist Association Baden-Württemberg and his colleague Dr. Hans-Peter Hubmann, Chairman of the Bavarian pharmacists ‘ Association to explain. The flu is a serious disease: in Baden-Württemberg Alone have died during the last flu season, 126 people, of Influenza, in Bavaria, there were 101.


On the website all the facts are available around the flu vaccination.

The statutory health insurance in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, the flu vaccination to pay with the Four-way vaccine for all Insured persons. In other States, the health insurance funds assume the costs of Vaccination for risk groups such as Pregnant women, the Elderly, immunocompromised people, or members of the health professions. Many funds pay for the vaccination, in addition, also for all of your Insured. It is worth to the family doctor or directly with the insurance company to ask.


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