The Full Body Workout That Leaves Hailey Baldwin ‘Dripping In Sweat’

Let’s be honest, basically everything Hailey Baldwin does ends up on our bucket list – and if it’s health and fitness related, it gets bumped to the top 5 (those abs are V persuasive.) So, when she recently talked about her obsession with a workout that leaves her “dripping in sweat,” naturally we committed allllll the details to memory.

“I’ve been doing hot pilates for around two years now. I first started going to a place in Brooklyn and then I discovered a place out here in L.A. that I’ve gone to for quite some time now,” the 22-year-old told US Weekly at the launch of her new ROXY Sister collection with pro-surfer Kelia Moniz.

“I find that when you do a class your muscles are more pliable and you’re stretched out easier,” she added. “I’ve been a fan of hot yoga for a very long time too.”

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While hot yoga has been around for eons, its core-defining, muscle lengthening cousin is relatively new to the fitness scene. In fact, there are only a handful of studios that offer hot pilates classes here in Aus. But why is it such a good workout, you ask? Well, not only does the added heat increase the number of calories you burn and ramp up your heartbeat, research shows it may actually help you get fit faster.  

That said, there are downsides to sweating it out in a 27-degree room (mainly, the whole post-class-beetroot-face-and-sodden-activewear thing.) Hailey, however, isn’t fazed by this at all:

“You come out dripping in sweat and my face is like a tomato and it’s good for your skin!” she said. “I love it!” I’m obsessed and it’s addictive. I used to be a dancer, which is all about being warmed up and warm and muscles being loose, so I just really enjoy hot classes like that.”

Plus, she reckons the added temp encourages her to push her body harder.

“I feel like I work harder because you know sometimes when you go to a workout and you feel stiff, so it’s painful and you don’t really want to do the work? When you’re warm that doesn’t happen,” she explained.

Hey Hailey, if you ever need a gym buddy we’re always avail. Just sayin’.

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