The conclusion of the winter bacon: The biggest calorie traps at the Christmas market

The Germans love their Christmas markets – and especially the offered food.

Much of the money is not spent during the visit to happy times for candles, jewelry or a wool hat, but for food.

Savoury Treats to lure just as much as sweet treats.

It makes not only in purse, but also on the hips is noticeable that Many of the Treats are real calorie bombs.

So many calories are in the Christmas market in Essen

If you treat yourself to a Bratwurst in a bread roll, a Cup of mulled wine and a bag of roasted almonds, has taken, on average, approximately the 1,220 calories are already around 65 per cent of the daily calorie needs of an adult woman.

The absolute leader in terms of the amount of calories consumed on the Christmas market, is potato cakes with Apple sauce – 700 calories per Serving the potato pancakes to beat the book.

Close behind is French fries with curry sausage (680 calories), to romp, but almonds (510 calories) and a Sausage with a bread roll (500 calories) burned.

And also products of which you would expect no less, are surprisingly stressful for the calorie account: A slice of Christmas Stollen, for example, has at least 330 calories.

Clever calories save at the Christmas market

Now, finally, some good news: those Who want to save calories, is also on the Christmas market find.

Replace the ham, the Sausage, by Burgundy, the mulled wine and Apple wine and roasted almonds by Chestnuts, so the food is significantly healthier.

100 grams of the savory ham beat with only around 280 calories, a Cup of Apple cider has about 50 calories and the Chestnuts can be compared to the roasted almonds about 300 calories saved.

Basically, In the oven Baked Fried beats. Because cooking methods without a lot of fat, you can save quite a few calories.

Photo gallery: The 10 biggest calorie traps at the Christmas market

There are other Treats that you simply against a lower calorie Alternative can replace: How would it be, for example, with potato noodles and Sauerkraut instead of potato pancakes or a baked Apple instead of a glazed variant?

Some of the Christmas markets offered food also contain already significantly less calories: Meanwhile, potatoes in addition to corn on the cob and more and more mushroom pans, pickles or oven.

The Christmas market, drinks have it also

Even though it may be tempting to warm your hands on it, you should make sure, how many of the offered beverages you took – and not just because of the impending hum skull the next Morning.

Because usually to visit the Christmas market belonging to the Drinks are not particularly low in calories.

At the most a Cup contains cocoa with whipped cream: 400 calories, that’s about it. But also mulled wine and punch included plenty of sugar and a shot of hard liquor, this further increases the calorie content.

With a Cup, it takes around 240 calories. Who wants a kalorienarmere Alternative, should order instead non-alcoholic punch: Per 200 milliliters of this has only about 100 calories.

Judith Kerstgens

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