TBE: Now in the nick of time to vaccinate

Who is in the spring and summer out on the road, runs the risk of a tick bite good books. The animals to dangerous diseases such as the early summer can transmit tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) or Lyme disease. Many parts of Germany are now to high-risk areas. The center for travel medicine (CRM) advises, therefore, to protect themselves by vaccination.

Among the TBE-risk areas, parts of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. The CRM advises, in particular, Outdoor travelers and people staying in the main circulation areas in the Free to protect themselves with a vaccination. The number of TBE cases has increased, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Germany last year by twenty percent.

Meanwhile, 16 counties are among the high-risk areas – in particular Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, in southern Hesse, in the South-Eastern Thuringia and Saxony, but in the meantime, is also low things. Switzerland reported for years by a continuous increase in TBE cases, and has expanded its vaccination recommendations, in the meantime, almost all the cantons.

A tick transmits the TBE Virus to humans, can cause flu-like symptoms. In some cases the brain followed by skin, or brain inflammation, which may be accompanied with severe headache, neck stiffness, confusion and possibly coma.

For a reliable and long-lasting TBE protection of three vaccine doses are necessary. After the second vaccination, a short-term protection is already in place. For a three-to-five-years-lasting immunity by the third vaccination is necessary. The vaccination should be refreshed according to age, every three to five years.


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