Suffering from chub rub? How to deal with chafing in the heat

If a glorious tan is your only takeaway from the hottest day of the year, then consider yourself lucky.

For many, increased perspiration caused by hot temperatures can result in uncomfortable thigh chafing.

It’s simple science – when one sweaty leg rubs against another sweaty leg, chafing can occur. So it can affect anyone, no matter what shape or size.

This unpleasant chub rub can result in red, raw skin which can bleed or turn into boils (in more extreme cases).

We’ve rounded up some of the best ways to both protect against chafing and tips on how deal with aftercare.

Buy anti-chafing clothing

Damp skin causes chafing so adding a layer of clothing for protection will stop perspiring legs touching, skin-on-skin. 

Thankfully, the British high street offers a range of products to combat pesky chub rub. 

Chafing bands, which resemble leg warmers for your upper thighs, can be worn discreetly under a summer dress, skirt or trousers. They usually come in nude or black so they can go unnoticed.

For more coverage, slipshorts (or bicycle shorts) are a great alternative. They’re smooth and designed to sit close against the skin, so they don’t stick out underneath clothing. 


Try to stay dry

There’s no denying that trying to stay sweat-free in tropical temperatures is tricky, but the dryer your skin the less likely chafing will take place.

If possible, use a towel or tissues to pat perspiring thighs (if they are exposed). Alternatively, opt for lightweight clothes to cover the problem areas – linen and cotton are the best breathable fabrics for sweltering days. 


Use a skin powder

Applying powder to skin will help combat excess sweating and there are various beauty products on the market that can help keep skin water-free.

Lush’s Underwear Dusting Powder is pretty much the adult equivalent of talcum powder. It’s packed full of ingredients such as cornstarch and kaolin which absorb moisture, so will leave skin feeling dry and smooth. The jasmine scent will also leave you smelling pretty great, too.

Anti-chafing products

Anti-chafing balms are designed to create a waterproof barrier on skin. Simply apply anywhere that might see some rubbing.

These balms are particularly helpful if long-distance activities such as hiking, running or cycling cannot be avoided. But they’re are also well-worth applying before a walk to work on a hot summer’s day.

If the damage is already done…

It’s likely skin may have broken from chafing, so cleaning the area in question is of utmost importance, to prevent against possible infection. Do this with lukewarm water and using a gentle, fragrance-free soap.

Once chafing has happened, the trick is to stop thighs rubbing together to prevent any further damage. Applying soft bandages to each leg will help protect the troublesome area from further skin-on-skin rubbing.

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