Suddenly, the government of Turkey holiday-hope

The Covid-19-pandemic keeps the world in breath. More than 11 million people have been infected with the novel Coronavirus, 196.304 of them in Germany. The disease Covid-19 has already claimed over half a Million deaths already.

Suddenly, the government of Turkey holiday-hope

The tourism Officer of the Federal government, Thomas Bareiß, sees growing opportunities for a Repeal of the corona-related travel warning for Turkey. "If the location is good – and last week, the location was good – we can relatively quickly, the Openings vorbereiten", the CDU-politician said on Monday in "Frühstart" RTL/ntv. We are in the midst of Considerations, "what we do over the next few days, in order to travel to gewährleisten".

A prerequisite was to be paid in addition to the low Infection, the Turkish health system, virus outbreaks, so could cope with that holidaymakers come back home and be healthy. The talks with the government of Turkey had been good. "You realize, there is certainly also a lot of that is to ensure that the protection is there." The Turkey must be evaluated as other holiday countries: "With each country we need to deal fairly and justly." dpa Antalya: Empty Loungers are on the beach of Lara in Antalya, Turkey. Turkey has criticized the classification as a Corona-risk area by the Federal government.

As recently as last Thursday, a high-level Turkish government delegation had tried in Berlin, in vain, to achieve a lifting of the travel warning. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said his colleague Cavusoglu to Mevlut only to examine new data on the infection situation and health care in Turkey. Was aiming for a coordinated approach in the EU. Cavusoglu accused the European Union travel restrictions for Turkey from "political Motiven" maintain. Turkey is a safe country to Travel in.

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