Smartphones reduce in the case of parents, the empathy

Raging children and adults under the spell of your smartphone: This is now a common sight on German playgrounds. The handle of the phone, however, can have negative consequences for the parent-child relationship, as a recent study from the Leibniz Institute for knowledge media (IWM) in Tübingen, shows. If parents are to long on the phone, suffers from its sensitivity.

Many parents take the phone in the presence of their children often. Without problems is: scientists have observed that mothers who used their Smartphone for a longer time were less sensitive toward their child. They were less receptive to the signals of their children and responded to requests less appropriate.

For the study, the research team observed 89 mothers with their children on various playgrounds. During an observation time of ten minutes, half of the mothers in the average handle almost 80 seconds to the phone.

The Smartphone also helps to make everyday life easier

Director of studies and Communication studies Lara Wolfers pointed out, however, that the public discussion of mobile phone use with parents was often one-sided: "Most of the parents use the Smartphone in the presence of their children is a very content little concentration benötigen&quot reflected and consume;, so Wolfers. Hardly any of the observed mothers had played, or worked. If parents used their cell phone to organize the everyday life, to make photos or to write to friends and family.

"The Smartphone will gives parents flexibility and autonomy, and access to peers in an otherwise very isolated Alltag", Wolfers says. To use the mobile phone means that shopping list also to be able to go to write, something from the outside world or to get advice from other mothers and fathers. "The parents may relax, which will in turn have a positive effect on dealing with the child and the sensitivity kann", the scientist says. Wolfers advises parents, therefore, your cell phone in a way that brings the greatest Benefit, but the interactions with the children as little as possible to disturb it.