Sikh man creates longer face masks for people with beards and turbans

Despite research showing that masks provide some protection against spreading coronavirus, some people are still unwilling to wear face coverings.

Research also shows that men are less willing tham women to gear up.

But for some, the equipment might not be so protective.

This is true for Sikh or Muslim men who sport long beards for religious reasons (or even hipsters) as the mask does not cover it all and droplets can get caught there.

So one Sikh man has come up with a face covering that covers all the facial hair and also accommodates people who wear turbans.

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Sunnie Delilah is the designer and owner of Delilah’s Dressing Doom. He has come up with a special mask that makes it easier to wear for those who wear turbans on their head and have long beards.

Sunnie’s business has taken off during the pandemic as many rush to purchase his custom-made masks that sell for £10-£20.

We spoke to Sunnie to see what inspired him to make the item.

He tells ‘This mask was created initially to help my father-in-law, a Sikh man with a turban and long beard which standards masks do not cater for.

‘He was unable to use it properly and didn’t feel comfortable wearing them.

‘So I created a mask that protects long beards and goes over the turban. The beard, if long, can catch all the droplets you are supposedly trying to protect yourself from.

‘If your mask only covers a small proportion of your beard and face then you are defeating the purpose of it as the beard can catch everything and then you touch it and spread and so on.’

The reception to the masks have been positive and Sunnie’s Instagram page has amassed more than 25,000 followers.

He adds: ‘The mask is also made to make the wearer feel comfortable and confident with its design.

‘So far I have orders from all around the world and it’s rapidly becoming more and more in demand, within the Sikh communities especially.’

You can check out all the mask designs on the Delilah’s Dressing Room website.

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