Shortages of drugs have doubled

"I’m sorry, the drug is currently not available." This set of listening to customers in the pharmacy, more and more often. The number of supply shortages has doubled, according to information from the ABDA – Federal Union of German associations of Pharmacists e. V. in 2019 compared to the previous year, almost.

"Pharmaceuticals supply shortages are unfortunately a large Problem for the supply of millions of Patienten", ABDA-President Friedemann Schmidt says. The Problem continues to worsen: The number of non-deliverable drugs rose from 9.3 million packs in 2018 from 18 million in 2019. In the year 2017, there were only 4.7 million medicines. This results in an evaluation of the German drug testing Institute (DAPI) on the Basis of statements of the pharmacies with the statutory health insurance funds. Only discount medicines will be taken into account, because that’s where the recipe is marked accordingly. The extent of the shortage of supply, therefore, is probably, in truth, is even greater.

Most of the supply shortages of the blood pressure-lowering drug Candesartan (8 million packs), the gout agent Allopurinol (0.8 million), the blood pressure-lowering drug Valsartan (0.8 million), the antidepressant venlafaxine (0.7 million) and the analgesic Diclofenac (0.7 million) was affected in the year 2019.

Pharmacists, as a crisis Manager

“With the new record level of supply bottlenecks shows more and more, that pharmacist must act as a crisis Manager, if you want to provide your patients at least with alternative products,” says Schmidt. The pharmacies in the current Coronavirus-crisis would have to restore the disinfectant, now, itself, be an additional stress factor. "In this tremendous effort, the binds will cost in the pharmacies a lot of time and personnel, must finally be spoken about compensation. The health insurance companies can no longer ignore what is leisten&quot the pharmacies in addition to your Insured;, Schmidt says. Just as the Coronavirus epidemic show that the pharmacy on site to exercise their high level of responsibility for the care of the people, by advise you quickly, personally and professionally, to accompany and act.


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