Shards of glass found – beverages-manufacturers, Steigerwald recalls all products

Because of the recurrence of broken glass-the discovery of means Franconian beverage manufacturer Steigerwald mineral wells called all of his products.

In the product "Steigerwald Naturell" the date of minimum durability 30.11.2018 a glass to be shard and splinters have been found, the company said on Wednesday evening in the upper bill box. Therefore all of the products would "for reasons of consistent Verbraucherschutzes" called back.

In doing so, the mineral water products from the brands "Steigerwald", "Schwarzenbergquelle", "Owalis", "Marktquelle" and "elements" as well as
Soft drinks of brands "Steigerwald", "Owalis" and "Marktquelle". Customers should not drink the food. The drinks could be returned at all points of sale for a refund of the purchase price – even without the template of a receipt. About two weeks ago, the company had warned for the first time in front of shards of glass.