Satisfying Sex Positions That'll Make Sex Last Longer

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Sometimes when time is short and the house is crowded, speed and silence are the name of the game for good sex positions. Other times, you want to revel in a roll in the hay that lasts longer and really lets you and your partner(s) draw out all the sensations you can feel.

Whether your partner has some trouble staying hard or you find that you each reach your peak a bit faster than you’d like, you want to consider positions that let you ride and grind it out for as long as you’d like. Perfect for lazy mornings, late nights and everything in between, check out the sex positions that’ll help you last longer in bed.

Good sex isn’t always a sprint, sometimes it’s a marathon.


A modified take on missionary, the receiving partner lays back on the bed (or whatever surface y’all are working with) and the penetrating partner enters while still standing or kneeling. Receiving partner, raise your legs up over their shoulders (or hooked over an arm — stick with the level of comfort that works with your flexibility). Together you can each control the depth of penetration and get some solid cervical and G-spot stimulation. The extra control you have can help if anyone gets too close too fast.


A lazy favorite, spooning allows you to really just grind it out at your own pace. Without anyone being up on their feet or all fours, its harder to over-do it on stimulation too fast. Simply have the penetrating partner enter the receiving partner from behind and move at your own sleepy rhythm. You can opt to use your hands however you want to get some clitoral action and can really easily back it up if you’re worried about going over the edge too soon.


Another cuddly option, the lotus position lets the receiving partner be on top and guide the depth and intensity of penetration of a penis or toy. Sit aboard your penetrating partner’s lap, wrap your legs around them and ride. This is optimal for communication (eyes, mouths, micro-expressions are all easy to spot), so its great for keeping track of where you both are feeling and what moves will help you sustain the lasting experience you’re craving.


This one isn’t so much a position as just a general pro-tip: Try out edging to get a better understanding of how your orgasms come and go. (Think of it as sexy, kinky data-gathering). If you feel like you want to draw out your sexual encounters but get too worked up too fast, take a bit more time to breathe together and wind down when you feel close and build back up again. Step away from direct stimulation that’ll bring you to orgasm (you can come back to that later) and explore other erogenous zones. For partners with penises, rings (like this, this or this one) can be super helpful in prolonging their road to orgasm too.

Chasing the orgasm shouldn’t be the point of sex (no matter how great they can be) and you’ll find that releasing the idea of orgasm as the end-all, be-all of your sex life can go a long way — and help you go a long way too!

A version of this story was published November 2020.

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