Royal Baby Diet – Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is heavily pregnant and we have to say that her diet must be an extremely strict one. As the baby will be a future prince, we know there are certain guidelines which must be followed.   

But how strict can it be or how far does she have to go with her eating habits? We have done some research and so far, we found out that a lot of her favorite little delicacies may just be off limits but she still has the others! Queen Elizabeth is extremely conscious of how her granddaughter-in-law should eat for her best health.  

But which favorites can she still have? Here’s a deeper look into her diet that we found out…


The Duchess of Sussex though being monitored, can still have a plate of her favorite pasta with her main meal. That’s a good thing! Because it has a few nutrients that might just be good for the baby, they have given her the free go!   

Roasted Chicken   

An all-time favorite for the princess and the dish she made Prince Harry on their engagement night. She can still indulge in a few bites either making it herself (though we doubt it!) or from the chef. A chicken craving…interesting right?

Mac And Cheese   

This one may seem like a little lie but when Markle has the craving, she said the organic version does the job! We know we got you right there! Making it will just have the addition of a few frozen peas and she is all good.   

But with those interesting dishes, there are a few other favorites that she has to close the doors on. These are not only “royal rules” but general pregnancy guidelines.

Green juice   

Anything unpasteurized is a big no-no for the expectant mom. Her doctors are closely monitoring and in case she has a little green craving she might just have to go clear…water!   

Sushi/Raw Steak   

The favorite corner restaurant’s sushi dish has been left outside the gates of the palace. Markle must be so tired of this pregnancy already and can’t wait to get out of the “trap”. We really don’t blame her though!

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