Researchers may find cancer-causing substance in the US E-cigarettes

After death and illness cases, the discussion of E – cigarettes does not break down in the United States. Now scientists have discovered a potentially cancer-causing flavoring in some products. Could put the substance in E-cigarettes on the German market?

In E-cigarettes and chewing tobacco in the United States scientists have made a potentially cancer-causing flavoring "in a worrying high Konzentration" discovered. The substance called pulegone is contained in products with mint and menthol taste, reported the scientists, Sven-Eric Jordt of Duke University (North Carolina) in the journal "Jama Internal Medicine". As a flavor additive in food by the competent U.S. authority to be prohibited pulegone in the past year, for E-cigarettes and chewing tobacco, the chemical is not regulated, however.

Together with colleagues Jordt examined several brands of Menthol cigarettes, three E-cigarette brands and a Kauatabak-brand, which included all of the pulegone. Both the E-cigarette as well as the Kaubatak the concentration &quot was;besorgniserregend", in the case of the Menthol cigarettes she was below the threshold value.

However, it is not entirely clear how the inclusion of pulegone does not distinguish, if it is smoked, but E cigarette will be included, according to the scientists. They called on the US regulator, the FDA, to take measures to reduce the risk of the pulegone-suspension.

Affected ingredient was banned in Germany

In Germany, the legislator has taken into account the material already in the regulation of E-cigarettes, indirectly, informed Michal Dobrajc by the Association of the e-cigarette trade on request. On a list of ingredients that are prohibited in E cigarettes specifically, not to be pulegone listed especially. But processed ingredients, extracts and Oils derived from the Plant Poleyminze. The essential Oil of Poleyminze consisted of up to 94 percent pulegone, and was forbidden by the legislator, therefore, expressly as an ingredient, writes Dobrajc. "We assume that all market participants at the statutory requirements."

“We assume that all market participants at the statutory requirements.”

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After several death and many cases of disease – it’s unexplained lung disease – in connection with E-cigarettes was flared in the United States last discussion. Unusual flavors for E-cigarettes should be banned according to the will of the U.S. government in the United States now.

President Donald Trump had, in the past week "very strenge" Rules for manufacturers, announced the use of E-cigarettes as a "large Problem" referred to. In Germany or Europe, there is no similar increase in such special cases, however, is not yet known. The complaints seem to be limited to users of E-cigarettes in the United States.

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